About Ashley Yazzie-Ward


Hi there. It’s lovely to meet your virtual acquaintance (I warmly shake you by the hand.) My name is Ashley Yazzie-Ward. I’m an actress, stylist, and artistic director. I am currently the resident merchandiser and visual stylist for House of Holmes Clothing. Based out of the stoic Sonoran desert of Arizona. My body of work is inspired by the opposition of light skimming darkness, the personification of music, and reforming matter from the simple, humble, and most unassuming of objects. When I’m not cobbling together accessories for a look book, running to auditions and rehearsals, or bringing alive an interior, you can usually catch me on Thursdays at the Museum of Contemporary Art, baking new recipes for my family, or drumming up future dream travel plans with my husband.

My styling.

I refer to my process as inverse archeology. When I work, I’m authoring a fictional biography based on the medium I’m working on. Answering questions about the diet, favored means of merriment, economics, education, hobbies, and regional relations with all objects I’m tinkering with. Whether that means developing a look book for a line of dresses, curating an evening of art, or creating an appealing interior for a breakfast nook. I weave a visual story-balancing scale, mixing textures, and combining the antiquated with the nouveau. Answering questions with objects, animating a lifestyle, and filling in the gorgeous minutia is what I do best for my clients.

My acting.

I’ve been acting, modeling, and singing since the ripe old age of four. My techniques are heavily influenced by classical theatrical training and pedagogue from Stephens College. Fusing my BFA education with on-site training while working, studying, and training for 9 years in Los Angeles. It was mere blocks away from my Hollywood and Santa Monica apartment, that I connected with my teacher Bill Coelius. His intensive program taught me how to “warm an audition room with the temperature of my heart.” As a woman that primarily leads with her heart, that idea spoke VOLUMES to me. As an actress I aim to target the humanity, comedy, love, and intimacy of every character that I portray. From SAG ultra low-budget films, to national commercials, to live theater in the round.

Art Direction and Consulting.

Perhaps you want to collaborate on telling a story for your brand, services, or latest campaign. Maybe your aim is to breathe new life into your visual media. I can help. My services range from styling for media shoots for brands, actor’s head shots, and modeling portfolios. I am also equipped to bring welcomed design respite to commercial, residential environments, and special events. Let’s work together, already! Click the contact icon on the menu, to get the proverbial ball rolling.